Choice Solutions Achieves Nutanix Master Level Partnership

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Choice Solutions announced today that they have fulfilled all requirements for Nutanix’s Master Level Partnership competency: Deepest Nutanix partnership and capabilities. This means that Choice Solutions is closing the most deals and holds the most certifications, with a focus on selling Nutanix’s core HCI products as well as new products such as FlowEra and Beam.

The Choice Solutions team was instrumental in the dedication and effort it took to become a Master Partner with Nutanix, something that only one other company in the Central US region thus far, has attained.  It was special effort from our technical team, Michael Bates, Darrell Doty, Scott Osborne, and Randy Kearn, to pass a very difficult Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer: Level 1 exam (NCSE1). It also required two Nutanix Certified Sales Expert (NCSX) certifications. These are also very challenging presentations in front Nutanix sales board members. Choice Solutions has three experts; Greg Key, Dana Steinlage, and Brian Steinlage. This was a Choice Solutions relentless team effort!

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced today that the company is officially launching its new channel charter, Power to the Partner. The charter stands out from traditional channel programs by providing a unique emphasis on partner investments in Nutanix rather than solely on revenue targets. Further, the charter focuses on empowering Nutanix partners with the tools they need to support their customers in adopting next-generation data center technologies. As a result, partners will gain further avenues to grow their businesses with Nutanix and will be enabled to achieve ongoing, predictable success.

Nutanix first shared the high-level vision of its channel charter during the company’s Partner Xchange event in May. The charter has tiered status with partner status based on number of deals closed and depth of Nutanix skills rather than revenue targets. This new structure enables partners of all sizes to achieve the highest partner category. Categories are defined as the following:

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