Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions

BLOG - Changing of the Reins: CIO to CHRO | August 17, 2017

Working more hours and taking advantage of new tools and technologies (like the smartphone) isn’t making us more productive.  Since 2011 productivity has slowed down.  WorkMarket is calling it a productivity crisis and I agree.

As a leader in providing technology solutions, I am most disappointed in our IT leaders.  Instead of taking the bull by the horns, they have become the bottleneck.

Top three highest ranked distractions in the work place today:

  1. IT issues
  2. Data Processing
  3. Time Entry

Solutions to these distractions are within reach, if CIOs aren’t focusing on the wrong things!


CIOs that are focused on the right things are asking themselves these 5 questions:

  1. Am I focused on transformation with my decision or purchase?
  2. Am I focused on building hierarchical silos or am I building a network of cross functional teams for agility, speed, and accountability?
  3. Is the organization spending more money on digital technology outside the control of IT? And why?
  4. Do I have the skills and vision to unite business operations and technology?
  5. Have I empowered and challenge my team to collaborate across functional teams to see how we can use automation technology to eliminate mundane tasks and busy work?

Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions

BLOG - CIOs don’t have the skillset to take on the digital transformation | June 27, 2017

The digital transformation is going to eat non-transformational CIOs for dinner. That is about 80% of today’s CIOs (yes, really). Business objectives aren’t necessarily new (cost cutting, scale, new rev stream and retain talent) but how these objectives are achieved will be. And quite frankly, the traditional CIO needs to step up to the plate by embracing emerging technologies and defining the new role their IT team will play.

Transformational success is being seen where there is a cultural shift towards an understanding of the client and applying that knowledge back to the business as the technology roadmap evolves. Yet, I am disappointed over and over again as I engage with CIOs because they don’t understand their clients objectives or the needs within other business units in their own organization. They maintain focus on;

  • infrastructure rather than end-user experience,
  • risk adversement rather than adapting with speed and flexibility
  • staff comfort and expertise versus pursuing transformational technologies
  • technical talent rather than collaborative cross-functional talent
  • BIG manufacturers rather than timely applications

The C Suite does not care what is behind the “IT curtain” and there will continue to be a stronger and louder push for a flat or decreasing budget for IT with better results. The digital transformation is kicking down the traditional IT door and the traditional CIO has got to up their game or pitch it to someone who can.