A2K Partners and Choice Solutions Promote Employee Well-Being With Citrix to Find and Schedule Vaccinations

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A2K Partners and Choice Solutions have joined forces to help companies move one step closer toward back to normal by tackling the #1 priority of Americans and making it easy for employees nationwide to be conveniently notified of vaccination appointments. The duo released a free bundle of microapps for the Citrix Workspace platform that enables users to find clinics, pharmacies, and other locations that offer COVID-19 and other vaccines across the United States.

The new microapps eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating need for workers to constantly search on pharmacy or clinic websites to find availability and scheduling info. Instead, the microapp allows the user to search nationwide and display the available vaccination sites in a single place. The system automatically scans all available pharmacy websites and shows a consolidated list of available appointments to choose from on one page. The user can also request to be automatically notified in their workspace when a location in their area becomes available to schedule an appointment.

Download the free vaccine finder microapp bundle from A2K Partners
“Work-life balance is now work-life integration,” said Ray Wolf, CEO of A2K Partners. “People are transitioning between work and personal tasks every waking hour. This makes it more difficult to find time to take care of their well-being and personal needs. Businesses can now use technology to enable work and personal tasks to co-exist with the same priority. Evidence shows that when companies do this for their employees, they will spend more discretionary time on work goals. Imagine getting notified of your most important business and personal priorities in one space and completing either with a single click. We are proud to be partners with Choice Solutions and Citrix to blaze the way forward for our customers.”

Cultures of Well-Being and Winning Experiences
Citrix Workspace and microapps deliver leading digital well-being experiences to employees. From simple things like reminders to take a break, shoutouts for a job well done, or even just a note of encouragement, the product seamlessly delivers everything in one place for people to do their very best work. When combined with microapps designed to automate and drive business-critical actions, everything can add up to significant advantages that go far beyond the benefits of mental and emotional well-being—like greater profitability, revenue acceleration, and higher levels of growth.

Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions, said, “As organizations preview this intelligent digital workspace solution, I’m confident they will see the need for these microapps right now because a majority of their employees are spending too much time trying to coordinate a vaccine for themselves and family members. What better way to show to our customers that they matter by taking care of the people that matter most to them.”

“This is a perfect example of using Citrix technology for good. The vision for the future of work is an increasing blend of boundaries — the same technology that can help drive growth and revenue can also enhance people’s lives.” said Amy Haworth, who oversees employee experience at Citrix. “What makes this particular employee-centered innovation even more exciting is that we have been able to foster an ecosystem culture that brought Ray and Jim together to combine their expertise and deliver winning solutions for our customers.”

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