Ideal IT Solutions for Healthcare:

Simple, Secure Environments and Managed IT Services

Very few, if any, are as challenged as an IT or business leader working in the healthcare industry. No industry faces the combined technology pressures of providing mission critical availability and secure access of healthcare applications, adhering to strict compliance requirements, being a continuous target of hackers, and innovating to enable Telehealth all the while having IT teams that are significantly constrained and limited relative to other industries.


What Healthcare IT Leaders Are Focused On

  • Improving Quality of Patient Care
  • Protecting Against Cybersecurity Threats
  • Innovating to Provide Telehealth Services
  • Modernizing & Simplifying Infrastructure Services

Experience Providing Healthcare
IT Support & Services

At Choice Solutions we work across several industries, however serving healthcare organizations has grown into our largest areas of value.

Our focus and expertise to help organizations improve user experience accessing applications as well as adopting simpler, more secure IT environments from the datacenter to the endpoint help healthcare organizations succeed. Clinicians and physicians are able to gain access to EMR and core applications productively while IT teams leverage infrastructure platforms that reduce complexity, improve security and facilitate growth.

Whether you are an enterprise healthcare system, a regional specialist with clinics, rural hospital or smaller practice we are the partner you are looking for to transform your healthcare workplace. We have years of experience providing effective and innovative managed IT services in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Technology Offerings

Delivery of EMR Applications

We are not specialists in your EMR application however we have advanced expertise and experience with Citrix and related virtualization technologies to help you provide Epic, Meditech, Allscripts, NextGen and other EMR’s to your mobile clinicians and physicians with optimized login times, secure access, and critical availability to focus on patient care.

Modernized Infrastructure Platforms

Few healthcare IT organizations have the financial resources to possess specialized advanced IT resources that are siloed and focused in a single area of expertise like storage, virtualization, networking, etc. We partner with leading solutions like Nutanix and others that enable you to adopt infrastructure approaches that provide mission critical performance and availability while significantly reducing IT operational complexity and demands.

Preventing CyberSecurity Threats

Healthcare IT teams are facing an increasing number of serious threats including ransomware and other attacks. Choice Solutions partners with leading cybersecurity solutions in the marketplace that use next gen approaches to detect and prevent unwanted traffic at the network level but also prevent malware and exploits from executing from systems and endpoints. To protect against data compromise in backups we work with leading backup solutions that are immutable to ransomware to help make sure your organization has good backups in the event you do experience a ransomware attack.

Simple, Secure Endpoints

Healthcare environments typically have a high number of workstations and endpoints deployed in the environment whether it be in patient rooms, nursing stations, and other locations throughout the campus. Typically these workstations are used to access roaming users accessing applications and desktops that are virtually delivered. Assuming these are Windows endpoints these can incur a lot of extra costs to healthcare in regularly patching, managing, providing endpoint security agents for, etc. We help healthcare organizations adopt simpler, more secure endpoint solutions that move away from Windows and security risks and management tools required.

Security Monitoring & Alerting

As part of HIPAA and other compliance requirements most healthcare organizations seek to deploy a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to collect events from all the IT assets in the environment to monitor and alert on potential suspicious behavior or security incidents. This can be a costly investment in money and resources. Choice Solutions can provide security monitoring and alerting as a service to your healthcare organization.

Managed IT Services

IT resources are constrained especially in mid-sized and smaller healthcare organizations. Our Managed Services help offload the ongoing operational upkeep of your systems, network, backups, patching, etc to complement and free up existing IT staff to focus on strategy and new projects. Attracting and retaining IT talent can be difficult in healthcare, a partnership with our team provides access to an established practice with quality people, tools and processes to serve your business from our in house staffed 24×7 NOC.

Cloud Voice & Video

Mobile healthcare staff need to be reachable from where they are working from. Additionally supporting TeleHealth has become critical to patient care. Choice Solutions works with leading Cloud based Voice & Video platform to provide carrier level reliability and critical voice services that enable your staff to seamlessly be accessible as well as provide video services that meet HIPAA requirements to help enable TeleHealth.

Why Choose Choice Solutions as Your Managed Healthcare IT Service Provider

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Case Study

University of Kansas Medical Center improves performance of administrative systems while helping secure campus with a scalable, unified Nutanix platform.

When the organization’s three-tier architecture began to show its age, the University migrated to the Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, working closely with its technology partner, Choice Solutions.

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