Digital Workspace

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Improve User Experience and Security for the Modern Workforce

In today’s marketplace we have all experienced a paradigm shift in the workplace especially for knowledge, and mobile workers. No longer is work viewed as a physical place where people commute to regularly to collaborate and communicate amongst internal teams, customers, and suppliers. The digital workplace is an environment where a workforce has the communication and technology tools available via a digital workspace to work as one regardless of location. Digital workspaces provide users with anywhere, anytime access to the applications, data, and communications tools to be empowered and productive.

Why Businesses Choose Digital Workspaces

Today's workforce & the employee experience

  • Technology tools to be empowered and productive in their roles
  • Secure access to apps and data from any location
  • A consistent and seamless user experience regardless of device

Business and IT Leaders Desire To

  • Attract and retain todays top talent
  • Provide technology tools that maximize productivity
  • Maintain proper security and control over data
  • Have flexibility and choice for the future

Business Use Cases for the Digital Workforce

Executive leaders have been forced by these unprecedented circumstances to make rapid, informed decisions that not only protect and support their workforce, but ensure critical business operations continue. Strategies that had been deferred or kicked around have moved to priority as organizations realize they must take steps now to create digital workplaces. They need solutions that allow them to quickly scale and adapt to changing employee and customer needs yet keep security top of mind.

Organizations looking to retain or create momentum must invest in systems and tools that ensure their workers have access to the resources and applications that deliver an amazing digital workspace employee experience. Using innovative software and hardware with cloud-based principles with scalability, flexibility, and automation is a great first step.

What is accessed via a digital workspace?

  • Office Productivity Applications
  • Core Business Applications (SaaS / on prem / Cloud based)
  • Files and Business Data
  • Meetings, Video, and Phone communications

Technologies That Power Digital Workspaces


The centerpiece of a successful digital workspace to bring together and make accessible all ranges of applications (SaaS / On Prem / Legacy), desktops, and data from any location and any device.

Microsoft 365 & Azure AD

Make your Microsoft Office Productivity Applications accessible via anywhere via Microsoft Cloud. Additionally, Azure AD helps facilitate the successful authentication to SaaS applications while Azure MFA ensures proper identity authorization.

Cloud Based Meeting, Voice and Phone

Equally as important as being able to access apps and data from anywhere over any device is the ability for your customers to reach you and vice versa in a consistent manner with a high quality experience no matter where you are working from.

Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Critical to the success is the underlying platform that is supporting the digital workspace. Whether leveraging on prem HCI solutions or public cloud IaaS proper planning, design and sizing of the platform infrastructure services play an important role.

Management & Monitoring

Put in place the proper tools to have real time alerting to monitor user experience and have the analytics to measure performance over time and improve.

Secure Endpoints

Convert existing Windows endpoints into secure Edge OS devices to access cloud and digital workspaces and simplify security and management.

Why Choice Solutions

Business Technology
Experience & Expertise

We have a deep history of helping companies adopt technologies enabling their knowledge workers and mobile workforce to securely access the applications and data needed to productively do their work. We have the technical expertise to engage.

Innovative IT partnerships

Choice Solutions has innovative and industry leading partnerships that when combined together form a simple, secure, integrated platform to provide digital workspaces.

Advanced IT expertise

We can help your team turn on and leverage these technologies whether it be VDI on prem in your datacenter(s) or the hybrid cloud. Additionally, for smaller businesses or departmental use cases our Choice Cloud fully managed offerings may be a perfect fit to help you provide digital workspaces to your workforce.