Hybrid Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions

Businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes face the reality of cybersecurity threats on critical intellectual property as well as their most valuable assets, their people. For a select few they can fund and build impressive teams of security professionals with vast tools to protect their organizations. For most, however, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and another “hat” IT professionals wear. Additionally, IT professionals are also adapting to new approaches to security as more and more business and productivity applications move to SaaS and cloud-based services in conjunction with users not working from traditional offices.

As a premier partner recognized for excellence in best managed security service provider lists, our team will work alongside you to learn and understand your environment, concerns, along with business initiatives to help define priorities that help you address the biggest security threats to your business and work towards minimizing exposure to prevent against modern cyber threats.

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How We Secure Your Data & Workforce

Next Gen Application Aware Firewalls

The most valuable investment in cybersecurity that provides greatest coverage and ROI is in a next gen Application Aware firewall solution. Next Gen Firewalls bring simplicity to your security architecture in an area that traditionally has been extremely complex involving multiple point solutions with different vendors and administration consoles. Detect and Prevent threats from the datacenter, cloud services, and branch office traffic and consolidate services such Threat Prevention Services, URL Filtering, DNS Security, VPN Gateways, etc.

Ransomware Protection

To protect against ransomware, businesses need to adapt network security solutions that detect and prevent unwanted traffic as well as advanced endpoint solutions to prevent modern exploits and malware from executing. In addition to secure workspaces, you also need to have a backup solution that is immutable to ransomware and have established processes.

Preventing Compromised User Accounts

One of the most common things we encounter is organizations that have had a user account compromised, especially after moving to Office 365, Exchange Online, and other services. Investing in and requiring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most important pieces to put in place to protect against user accounts being compromised.

Secure SaaS Application Access

From a security perspective and just as importantly for end user productivity another vital investment is the adoption and deployment of Identity Access Management and SSO solutions to extend domain credentials to growing use of SaaS applications

Work from Anywhere - Securely

Digital Workspaces enable a very secure environment for your workforce that provides the flexibility and consistency to securely access the same applications, desktops, and data regardless of working in the office or at home across multiple different device types and network connections.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Antivirus Software is based on a legacy signature-based security approach that is not adaptive enough to today’s modern threats. We help customers test and adopt light weight next gen advanced endpoint protection solutions that help kill and prevent modern malware and exploits from being able to execute in your environment.

Patch Lifecycle Management

Operating Systems and Applications are software. Software is prone to coding errors in development that may lead to vulnerabilities that are discovered after release and require updates and patching by operating system vendor as well as the application vendor. It’s a fundamental requirement and imperative to protect against known vulnerabilities, however, it is commonly a challenge. Depending on the size of an organization we work with leading patch management lifecycle solutions or through our Managed Services offerings we can provide this as a service.

Preventing Unwanted Spam / Phishing & Email Encryption

Your people are your greatest asset but they are also your greatest security risk, especially with email. Regardless of the email platform in use, investing in a 3rd party email security service that uses advanced cloud threat intelligence to scan incoming and outbound messages to filter out bad emails, sandbox questionable URL addresses and attachments as well as enable encrypted messages is important.

Security Monitoring & Alerting

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) Solutions help with aggregation, identification, and alerting of potential security incidents in your environment. For some with PCI and HIPAA compliance these are required solutions and depending on organization may be costly both financially and in staff expertise to get proper use from. Our team of security professionals can provide this as a service to your constrained staff with leading tools to monitor and alert on potential security attacks or incidents.

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