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Choice Solutions has been delivering applications and desktops dating back to 1993, making us a trusted provider with significant expertise.

Our experts have the skill and experience needed to help your team understand and explore whether or not DaaS may be a good fit for your business objectives and requirements. While you might already have a similar approach in your existing environment — leveraging on-prem resources known as VDI or Virtual Desktops — IT constraints, combined with the pace of change in business and innovation, make a transition to Desktops-as-a-Service a smart move.

Through DaaS you are entrusting an external partner to provide a service that reduces some or all of the management and infrastructure components to provide a cloud computing approach for your workforce.

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What is DaaS?

Many organizations are transitioning to Software as a Service (SaaS) for their core business applications. This already-steady movement consequently enables the shift to DaaS, and builds on the concepts of cloud computing.

It is a cloud-based desktop virtualization service hosted and provided by a third party. As a consumer, your business is able to simply pay a per user amount monthly only for what you need.

DaaS is ideal for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to invest capital for IT spend as well as build, deploy, and manage a traditional on-prem solution. It is effectively a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that another party hosts and fully manages that provides your end-users secure anytime, anywhere access to business desktops, applications, and data to be productive.

End-User Benefits

Technology Acquisition

Productive & Empowered

Secure access anywhere

Secure Anywhere

High speed experience

Consistent High Speed

IT & Business Benefits

Talent Attraction & Retention

More and more the technology tools that employees have access to do their work have become increasingly more important not only for productivity, but also for the overall employee experience. A DaaS solution can play a key role in a flexible work approach that helps retain your people, but also attracts others.

Financial Simplication

Based on consumer expectations, the industry is transitioning to consumption-based approaches for IT services, and we are adopting more and more SaaS-based applications in the cloud. Now, this has led to a desire to transition desktops as well to the cloud. Financially, for businesses this is also driven by the ability to transition from capital investments to paying for desktop services as a monthly operating expense based on actual consumption.

Business Continuity

Through cloud desktops or DaaS environments, your business workspace is now accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection with a high-speed, consistent experience over any device. When situations like COVID-19 arise, as a business you are prepared to be very adaptive as a workforce.

Operational Value

With DaaS, as a business, you are now entrusting someone else to provide normal services you may have traditionally been taking care of as an IT team. This can free up talented IT leaders to focus on more innovative and strategic things for the business itself. Some of responsibilities that would be eliminated or minimized through a DaaS approach include desktop patching, endpoint management, endpoint security, transitioning away from 3 Year PC hardware refreshes, as well as reduced IT administration of servers, infrastructure, etc.

Agility & Scale

As an approach, Desktops as a Service allows the ability to subscribe to actual usage needs in your workplace, while providing the framework and peace of mind that can predictably scale your usage when needed. Since this is a service entrusted to someone else, the service provider will have a multi-tenant framework that can support your growth and take the burden of capacity planning and infrastructure deployments off your plate, with the ability to adjust based on consumption. This has proven invaluable for businesses during COVID-19, and is very applicable for cyclical business growth, mergers, acquisitions, and many other use cases.


A cloud desktop serves as the secure workspace that users access to get into various apps and data regardless of device or location they are working from. With proper authentication and identification measures combined with data being centrally retained organizations are able to protect business data and minimize threat of exposure when laptops are misplaced or stolen. Through DaaS and VDI offerings business requirements for endpoints are greatly reduced which can enable BYOD as well as approaches to simplify endpoints through thin client approaches that IGEL and others provide.

Is DaaS a Good Fit For Your Business?


For a DaaS approach to be successful, it’s very important to understand your business applications and data dependencies. If your business primarily relies on a combination of SaaS and a couple core business applications, the DaaS model is likely a good fit for your company. However, if you have core business applications that for a variety of potential reasons the data needs to be on-prem, then a managed VDI approach may be a better option to explore.

In-House Capabilities

Depending on the in-house capabilities, you may not want to go alone on this journey. While there are options and services from the major public clouds, the level of service and investment they will make into understanding your apps, users, and business will be minimal. Having an engaged, invested partner to help you through the whole lifecycle with the design, migration, ongoing management, and continuous review is going to be critical to your success.

How Can We Help?

Flexible Options

We offer options through some of our core technology partnerships such as Citrix Workspace Services, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Nutanix Xi Frame that may be great fits in the medium enterprise. Additionally, for constrained IT organizations we have fully managed offerings through our Choice Cloud solutions, where we can provide a successful DaaS solution that is completely hosted by Choice Solutions or in Microsoft Azure to provide a turnkey solution and managed service to your business.


At Choice Solutions we have an extensive history of helping organizations from enterprise to mid-size business across several verticals be successful with application and desktop delivery solutions dating back to 1993 with Citrix. With innovations in technology and the emergence of cloud services there are newer, simpler ways to provide simple, secure desktops to your workforce without the complexities of the past that were required and today may be viewed as too costly or complex to deploy and administrate. Contact our team today and let’s discuss if DaaS could be a good fit for your business to explore further

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