Cloud Based Telephony & UCaaS Solutions for Modern Workplaces

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Is your organization looking for a modern phone system that enables employees to work from anywhere? Would you like to improve your customers’ communication experience with your business, without the significant complexity and costs associated with traditional on-prem solutions?

What is Unified Communications?

More commonly referred to as Unified Communications, UCaaS is becoming widely adopted by all size level businesses to cut costs on individual phone lines and to boost effective communication in a mobile era.

UCaaS is a cloud-based technology used to streamline business communications. UCaaS capabilities include voice/VoIP, audio/video conferences, and instant messages/chat features. This allows businesses to reliably communicate with their teams and customers.

Unified Communications

Is UCaaS Right for Your Business?

At Choice Solutions, we help IT and Business leaders explore and adopt the right infrastructure solutions and cloud approaches for their business–resulting in simple, secure IT environments that improve productivity and user experience. We strongly believe in the value provided by cloud-based telephony and contact center solutions that enable today’s modern workplaces to stay connected with customers and within your workforce.

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Key Requirements of Today's Communication & Telephony Solutions

  • Quality Voice with Carrier-Grade Reliability
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Enhance Workforce Communication & Productivity
  • Integrate with Existing Business Applications
  • Reduce Complexity & Costs

When exploring new cloud-based voice solutions, it’s particularly important to understand that not all solutions are alike. In fact, Choice Solutions experienced its own personal journey a few years ago when we transitioned away from a feature-rich on-prem VoIP solution that became too complex and costly to administer. Instead, we tapped innovator and industry leader RingCentral for a new cloud-based voice solution and ultimately added them as a partner. Today, we’re bringing this core solution to other businesses seeking a leading-edge communication solution.

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