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Trusted IT Partner Focused on Bringing Continuous Value

When looking to explore new information technology approaches to support an application or project in your business it can be an overwhelming process. Your business may have an idea on the direction it should take, but want a trustworthy IT partner to understand the objectives and help with recommendations of appropriate products and services.

At Choice Solutions, we have an extensive history and track record helping IT and business leaders with the introduction and adoption of innovative technology solutions with an ultimate desire to improve the productivity of workforces through secure access to business applications and services while helping IT organizations adopt solutions that help simplify operations. Additionally, with our core technology offerings we uniquely possess advanced technical expertise to help in the planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations to bring continuous value through the lifecycle of your investment through Choice Solutions.

Technology disruption is a constant, as are changes in the primary contacts from software companies you leverage. Choice Solutions understands what the options are and can help decide which approach will be best for your workplace needs and the success of your business.

Understanding Your Business Objectives

The first step in a successful technology acquisition process is to establish a discovery with clients to understand their initiatives, business goals, as well as environment so we can best help. No two businesses are alike, especially in how they operate day-to-day, and that means the professionals at Choice Solutions must work to provide customer-centric service that personalizes services for an organization’s unique needs.

A Strategic Approach for Your Business

A key principal in the technology solutions offered by Choice Solutions is providing our clients choice and flexibility for the future. Our Founder and CEO has always objected to partnering with companies that have a lock in strategy. An investment you make today should be flexible for tomorrow and not lock you into a future decision.

Innovative Partnerships

At Choice Solutions, our industry-leading experts work hard to research and forge technology partnerships with innovative companies that are bringing disruption to the marketplace and have the support, leadership, backing and vision to be a quality investment for your business. Choice Solutions partners with top trusted brands that have a strong history of continuous innovation and value.

In House Expertise

Choice Solutions, uniquely, has a strong bench of advanced engineering specialists on our staff with experiences in multiple disciplines to help add value beyond knowledge of a point product or service. Our highly-technical and talented team bring a wealth of value to help determine the right technology approach to invest in. Additionally, through our Professional Services staff we help you get the technology solution deployed correctly as well as provide Managed IT Services that can aide with ongoing operational upkeep if desired.

Flexible Options

Choice Solutions offers flexible ways to become a procurement partner for your business whether it be via establishing standard payment terms or through financial services offerings we have with quality partners. As a company that is both a traditional VAR / IT reseller as well as Managed IT Services firm with many of our core partnerships we have flexible options to offer your business common cloud services and subscriptions as a monthly service.

Through our distinguished partnership accreditations we are able to be extremely competitive to get the best overall value for you.

Customer Service & Communication

When you make a technology acquisition through Choice Solutions our team will be there throughout the lifecycle of the investment. Within our sales operations we strive to make things convenient to your team to transact with us and provide communications on logistics of orders to ensure you receive technology product or service within desired timeframe. Additionally, we have very mature processes and a dedicated team to assist with the administration of subscription / support renewals to help properly keep up to date in advance and keep things simple for you.

Industry-Leading Experience

At Choice Solutions, our industry-leading experts help businesses plan, design, implement, and manage the right technologies to improve the way their organization runs daily. Our highly-technical and talented senior solutions architects and principal consultants bring a wealth of technology experience, system integration knowledge, and complex IT problem-solving abilities so the people running their businesses can stay focused on what they do best.

Technology acquisition is not an easy process, which is why so many businesses are leaving it up to professionals like those at Choice Solutions to provide them with information technology and systems. Our whole purpose is to get businesses the IT they need without any of the hassles, and our team of experts have plenty of experience doing exactly that.

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