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US Financial firms have a unique challenge to keep pace with their competition and the demands of the modern-day consumer. Financial IT services must respond with IT strategies to deliver improved growth, efficiency, innovation, security, and regulatory compliance across the front, middle, and back offices.

Choice Solutions uses technology that’s used to innovate, streamline, and disrupt traditional financial services throughout the US. Today, adaptability and quick iteration is what consumers and business owners expect—and, increasingly, need. We want to work alongside your financial services team to maximize your IT investment and bring value to your organization.

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How Can US Financial Service Leaders Benefit from Managed IT Services?

Technology Offerings:
Preventing CyberSecurity Threats in the Financial Sector

The financial services sector is facing an increasing number of serious threats including ransomware and other attacks. Choice Solutions partners with leading cybersecurity solutions in the marketplace that use next gen approaches to detect and prevent unwanted traffic at the network level but also prevent malware and exploits from executing from systems and endpoints. To protect against data compromise in backups we work with leading backup solutions that are immutable to ransomware to help make sure your organization has good backups in the event you do experience a ransomware attack.

Security Monitoring & Alerting

As part of US federal banking regulations and other compliance requirements most financial service organizations seek to deploy a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to collect events from all the IT assets in the environment to monitor and alert on potential suspicious behavior or security incidents. This can be a costly investment in money and resources. Choice Solutions can provide security monitoring and alerting as a service to your banking organization

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Why Choose Choice Solutions as a Managed IT & DaaS Provider for Financial Services

IT resources are constrained especially in mid-sized and smaller banks or financial institutions. Our Managed IT & DaaS Services help offload the ongoing operational upkeep of your systems, network, backups, patching, etc to complement and free up existing IT staff to focus on strategy and new projects. Attracting and retaining IT talent can be difficult anywhere, a partnership with our team provides access to an established practice with quality people, tools and processes to serve your business from our in house staffed 24×7 NOC.

Case Study

City National Bank of Florida Case Study

A lot has changed since 1946, but one thing that hasn’t is City National Bank of Florida’s place at the center of our community, where our tradition of service these last 75 years is providing a foundation for a future full of possibilities for all Florida.

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