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Increase Productivity & Efficiency

When companies seek outside help for critical IT initiatives or digital transformation efforts, one of the most important factors for success is choosing the right infrastructure professionals for planning and deployment. You can make this choice easier by asking common questions, such as:

  • Who has the right technical expertise to help us get started?
  • How can you help us meet our business timelines?
  • How can you help us throughout our technology investment lifecycle?
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Top IT Consultants & Professional Services

Businesses nationwide choose Choice Solutions because of our leading technical engineering staff. The importance of finding the right partner for IT infrastructure management/services can’t be understated, and with the knowledge and experience we bring to the table, your business gains continuous value across a range of projects and services. The depth of our expertise and the stability we provide is exemplified by the fact that our engineers have an average tenure of more than eight years. With such a high level of experience in IT professional services, you should expect nothing less than perpetual innovation and comprehensive support from a team that understands your environment and is well versed in the latest technologies.

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IT Architecture, Planning & Deployment Services

For architecture, planning, and deployment services, Choice Solutions exceeds expectations thanks to our outstanding Professional Services team. In order to help you unlock new technologies and get started the right way, this team works closely with you on the planning, design, and deployment of all recommended solutions. Moreover, in specific areas such as Citrix, Nutanix, and Microsoft, we have an impressive lineup of advanced architects trained to engage in complex designs and deployments, as well as hyperconvergence infrastructure.

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Health Checks & Jump Starts

At Choice Solutions, our Professional Services team offers condensed engagements designed to deliver consistent value to IT departments that might have excellent in-house capabilities, but desire outside support to periodically review and validate the application of best practices. The wide-ranging support we provide includes regular health checks and Jump Starts, which are designed to help familiarize your team with a new technology component from Citrix, Microsoft, or Nutanix.

Project Management

Along with the superlative technical knowledge and resources possessed by our Professional Services team, Choice Solutions supplies a highly trained Project Management staff to keep your project’s various stakeholders on-task and on-time, ensuring the desired outcome is delivered. We know that no two projects are the same – our customers’ needs vary, and so too the complexity of their projects. That’s why we offer a range of Project Management specialties to best meet your unique needs.

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