Cloud Computing and Citrix Support in Dallas / Fort Worth

At Choice Solutions, we have been helping medium-sized to enterprise-sized businesses in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX areas since 2001. We deliver innovative technology solutions and services in the surrounding area as the region continues to boom!

How We Help Businesses from Tyler to Abilene

Choice Solutions is a hybrid cloud solutions provider dedicated to helping businesses and organizations in Lubbock, Abilene and Grapevine transform and succeed in today’s dynamic, fast-paced, highly competitive landscape. We help IT and business leaders to enable their workforce with tomorrow’s technology through the adoption of simpler, more secure IT environments – from the datacenter, cybersecurity, and cloud service, all the way to the endpoint.

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Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Solutions in Irving, Frisco and Monroe, LA

Today’s IT and business leaders realize the benefits of moving their company towards the cloud. However, ensuring a successful transition necessitates a clear understanding of the applications and requirements involved, and how these affect the choice of business strategy and determining the right approach. For many organizations, this approach focuses on a heavy adoption of SaaS-based business application lines, combined with varying levels of public cloud resources and innovative private cloud approaches to support profitability and growth. Choice Solutions has an established track record of providing the ideal solutions and services to help companies in this journey.

VDI Services and DaaS Workspaces in Denton, Little Rock, AR and Austin

When working towards a hybrid cloud strategy, a key component is providing a secure, consistent digital workspace for your users – one that seamlessly concentrates all of the applications and data needed to be productive and engaged, from anywhere. Choice Solutions supplies some of the most innovative secure digital workspace strategies in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, supplementing the activities of businesses from Lawrence to Shawnee with end-user computing solutions from Citrix, Nutanix, Microsoft, and many others.

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Managed IT Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

With many organizations facing IT staffing constraints and challenges, Choice Solutions offers hybrid managed services to help complement and be an extension of your team. As a respected managed service provider serving Texas we feature a state-of-the-art NOC/SOC that is staffed in-house 24/7. Additionally we have our Choice Cloud offerings where we can deploy and provide a Cloud Desktop or DaaS environment that our team fully manages, hosts, and/or deploys by leveraging private or public cloud services.

Why Dallas Businesses Need A Digital Transformation

If your business is looking to innovate or upgrade in the arena of technology, Choice Solutions wants to help you stand out in an ever-growing crowd. There’s plenty of room to be successful in Dallas/Fort Worth, but having the right technology is a huge part of finding that success.