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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service Offerings

Whether your business needs immediate technology upgrades or simply wants to move toward a more efficient and up-to-date IT system, Choice Solutions can arrange a managed services partnership to make the desired updates for your information technology & workforce systems. Armed with cutting-edge monitoring technologies and cloud options, our elite team of specialists can help businesses avoid system failures while improving efficiency and workflow.

Choice Solutions IT Support

Choice Solutions is backed by a team of industry expert engineers with an exceptional amount of experience. As a customer, you will never have to worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing an onsite data center, or monitoring your applications. Our team can bring order to the un-organization of your team through collaboration, training, and development to educate your IT staff—all while knowing that while your resources may come and go, the partnership with Choice Solutions stays the same.

Hybrid Managed Services

For decades, businesses housed their data locally on computers and servers located within their buildings, but the cloud has allowed those businesses to shift more of that data and more of those software applications to secure offsite servers. The reality is that very few businesses are entirely committed to one or the other, which is why a hybrid approach to managed IT services is an effective way to go about combining hosted services, managed services, and cloud-computing applications. As your managed services provider, Choice Solutions assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing, and/or problem-solving for your hybrid IT systems. 

Managed Security Services

While many businesses opt to take care of their IT security in-house, a growing number of them are now trusting a managed security service (MSS) provider to take care of protecting not only data but employees who use information technology for many different reasons over the course of a workday. With data breaches increasingly commonplace, it makes sense for businesses to outsource their managed security services, and here at Choice Solutions we are more than happy to help by monitoring and managing systems, as well as remediating security events if/when they occur. 

Choice Cloud Services

It’s easy for a business to declare an intention to invest in cloud services, but to maintain maximum efficiency in using those cloud-based services, it’s important for an organization to choose choice cloud services. Among the most popular is Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which provides clients with a virtual desktop and back-end services that normally would be provided by the application software. DaaS services make migration to a new platform easy, they are easily customizable, and they are easy to use.

Managed Citrix Services

As one of our choice partners, Citrix helps businesses get everything they want out of information technology. In providing proactive monitoring, management, optimization, and technology expansion using Citrix tools and professionals, Choice Solutions can guarantee a level of specialization that may not be possible otherwise. The high-quality system available through Citrix has long kept customers happy because it drives the optimization of revenue and combines so many different business models and processes. 

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Why Businesses are Turning to Choice Managed Services

You’ve explored the possibilities, made your technology decision, and now it is time to TURN IT ON. You’ve been here before and you know that selecting a partner is just as critical as the solution itself. The choice of “Choice” promises you a team of innovators who were early adopters of the paradigm shift taking place in the data center. We know our credibility is on the line when challenging time-to-value and are just as committed to the ongoing success.

Is Your I.T. Department Lacking in Stability?

Choice Solutions is backed by a team of industry expert engineers for your Tier II and Tier III resolution with an exceptional amount of experience. As a customer you don’t have to worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing an onsite data center, or monitoring your applications. Our team can bring order to the un-organization of your team through collaboration, training and development to educate your IT staff. All while knowing that your resources may come and go, but the partnership with Choice stays the same.

Are you constantly dealing with security breaches?

We understand the detrimental consequences, such as ransomware, that a security breach would have on your business. When it comes to the security of your company’s data we ensure it is our primary focus. We have our own security operations center (SOC), where we monitor your environment 24×7, implement daily reporting and perform quarterly DR testing.

Are you having difficulty developing your IT strategy?

Choice Solutions works with you to create short-term and long-term IT goals to enhance your business and helps you put together an action plan to execute these goals. Having a long-term strategy in place will keep you in alignment with the overall business strategies for years to come.

Do you have inconsistencies with your IT staff?

We offer training and development to teach your staff. We want to see your team grow their IT knowledge and efficiencies. We give you the peace of mind that we will take care of the Tier II and Tier III problems that will occur, while letting your staff take care of the Tier 1 daily IT support that keeps your business moving forward.

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