Simple Secure Endpoints for The Modern Workplace

As your organization moves toward the modern workplace via Microsoft 365 productivity applications (and other line-of-business SaaS applications), you’ll likely encounter some of the following questions:

  • How can we give our workforce access to the apps they want without giving up control of data?
  • How can I simplify the security risks and reduce costs of my endpoints?
  • How do I protect data on mobile endpoints?
  • Should I even allow data on endpoints?
  • What do I need to adopt a BYOD approach for my business?
  • How do we discover and inventory IT assets in a Work-from-Anywhere model?

How We Simplify Endpoint Management

As a partner to your business, the team at Choice Solutions understands the needs of your workforce and can guide you to the right approach. We’ll help you achieve simple, secure endpoint solutions that play a role in improving the user experience of your workforce. Some of the common areas we engage in include:

Windows Endpoint Alternatives

Windows Desktops traditionally carry a lot of burden to IT teams in terms of endpoint management and security. This leads to accumulation of costly IT tools that require high-admin efforts. For use cases with DaaS or Digital Workspaces, we help customers transition away from Windows endpoints on the edge, and transition to simple, secure locked-down devices using leading solutions from IGEL.

Modern Workplace Management

For environments looking to manage and keep company-owned devices and BYO (bring your own) devices up-to-date, Choice Solutions can help your team explore and adopt Microsoft Intune. As a leading Microsoft Gold partner around the Modern Workplace and Azure, we have flexible license offerings and services to assist.

Real-Time Asset Discovery & Inventory

Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) is an exciting new service and entitlement to many. Choice Solutions can help make sense of potential fit for your business applications, how it may complement or overlap from current end user computing solutions and develop strategy, architecture, and services to transition successfully.

Advanced Endpoint Security

Antivirus Software is based on a legacy signature-based security approach that is not adaptive enough to today’s modern threats. We help customers test and adopt lightweight next-gen advanced endpoint protection solutions that help kill and prevent modern malware and other exploits from being able to execute in your environment.

Patch Management Lifecycle

Operating Systems and 3rd Party Applications on your endpoints are software. Software is prone to coding errors in development that may lead to vulnerabilities discovered after release. This requires updates and patching by the operating system vendor as well as the application vendor. It’s a fundamental requirement and imperative to protect against known vulnerabilities, however it commonly presents a challenge. Depending on the size of organization we work with, through leading patch management lifecycle solutions or through our Managed Services offerings, we can provide this as a service for your endpoints.

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