Banking on the Future: Leveraging VDI and Choice Solutions for Banking Expansion

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Ruston, LA ~1,000 Employees Banking & Finance


As a prominent regional bank deeply rooted in the community, and is dedicated to fostering an ethos centered around fostering distinctive, one-on-one banking relationships tailored to the specific needs of businesses, municipalities, and individuals. This commitment aims to enhance the quality of life for the people residing in the communities it serves. This bank has dozens of banking centers spanning across multiple states, offering a wide array of financial services


Specific Technology Challenges

The bank faced uphill challenges with supporting physical workstations in all locations. As the bank grew, the number of branches increased substantially, necessitating a scalable upgrade in their technological support infrastructure.

The biggest hurdle stemmed from its reliance on supporting physical desktops, requiring on-site IT support from professionals for all IT maintenance. This approach proved increasingly burdensome as the bank extended its operations to encompass more states and establish multiple new branches. The on-site support structure, combined with the reliance on traditional desktop-based systems, was unscalable for their IT team.

Opportunities for Improvement

The bank faced a pivotal moment: they needed to drastically update their technology systems to keep stride with their rapid growth and ensure smooth operations across their increasingly widespread branches. A versatile and efficient approach was essential to effectively manage their IT complexities.

Then, a significant shift occurred with the introduction of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Choice Solutions. This was a major step forward in managing IT resources. With VDI, the bank centralized its computing environment, enabling remote management and support. This change greatly reduced the dependency on local IT staff for daily technical tasks.

Solution for Success

The integration of VDI, enabling smooth remote access, significantly boosted the bank’s capability to support its growing network of branches across different states. This collaboration with Choice Solutions was pivotal in synchronizing the bank’s tech infrastructure with its ambitious expansion objectives, setting a solid foundation for efficient scaling. The adoption of VDI notably enhanced the bank’s proficiency in managing growth challenges and swiftly adjusting to the dynamic operational environment.

Beyond VDI, the bank has since expanded its services from Choice Solutions, which has been crucial for their expansion success. These services  included; an in-depth virtualization assessment, a thorough network assessment, a complete storage review, and an overhaul of their data center. These steps were vital in ensuring their core operations were upgraded and prepared to meet the demands of their growing scale.

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