Congrats to the DEXe DEXpert Class of 2024!

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Congratulations to the 360 extraordinary individuals who have earned recognition as ControlUp DEXe. These exceptional minds have been honored with the DEXe DEXpert 2024 Award for their outstanding contributions to the EUC and DEX space and their daily dedication to enhancing user experiences.

The DEXe is more than just a program—it’s a visionary initiative designed to cultivate ideas, encourage insightful conversations, and establish best practices. The goal is to significantly enhance user experiences across platforms, transcending the limitations of any single vendor. This program thrives on its participants’ collective wisdom and shared passion for exceptional user interactions. By leveraging this dynamic group’s diverse expertise and enthusiasm, we open ourselves to limitless possibilities and innovative solutions in the realm of user experience. The sky is the limit! 

A big round of applause for the DEXe DEXpert Class of 2024! Special congratulations to these Choice Team members who have achieved this:

  1. Ray Davis
  2. Trent Giddings
  3. Scott Lounsbury
  4. Benjamin Crill
  5. Shane Kleinert


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