End-of-life Nutanix NX G6


What is Happening?

The saying goes that all good things must come to an end. The person who said that has never worked with Nutanix. Thankfully, good things do not need to end, but they do need to be refreshed. If you have not heard, most G6 Nutanix NX hardware will reach their end of support life in January of 2025, and some models even sooner in December 2024. What this means to your organization is that now is the time to plan to refresh the hardware that drives your hybrid cloud. January 2025 will come faster than most expect, and we want to ensure your organization has a solid foundation. Choice Solutions is ready to help your organization plan for its continued success with a platform that will enable your business.


Nutanix Provides Flexibility

The great news is that the software and management have not changed, so rest assured, you do not have to learn anything new. The Nutanix solution allows you to refresh the underlying hardware similarly changing a car’s tire. You want to plan and pick out the correct fit for your next trip, but it does not require a significant overhaul. If you have changed or are thinking of changing your preferred hardware vendors, that can be accomplished, too. Nutanix can manage hardware platforms from different vendors and Choice Solutions can assist in guiding you through properly integrating.

A lot has changed in the technology world since the G6 hardware came out, namely licensing. This is a perfect time to review your licensing and what is available now. Nutanix has changed how the solution is licensed so that licensing is more flexible. However, transitions like this take careful planning. Let us help you ensure that this is a seamless transition, as it should be

Additionally, solutions around operations and automation are available at more cost-effective price points than previously. Features like X-Play, reporting, and cluster runway planning are available in the NCM Starter edition to allow for automated reporting and remediation without needing coding and scripting expertise. This can help reduce the administration burden and allow your team to focus on areas of strategic importance. Choice Solutions can assist in quickly getting these features enabled so you can begin to leverage these solutions and reduce your management costs, providing a significant benefit to your organization.

Ease VMware Transition

Many organizations are trying to figure out how the changes within VMware will impact them. Nutanix has always provided a fantastic platform to run VMware and its workloads on, but more companies are seeing the ease of running AHV. When your organization invested in the G6 platform, choosing VMware as the software platform was much more common. These days, more customers see the value and simplicity of running AHV on their Nutanix fleet. As you refresh the underlying hardware platform, it makes sense to investigate if VMware is still the best fit. New Nutanix nodes come pre-installed with AHV, making the implementation quick and a perfect time to reduce your organization’s dependency on VMware.

Choice Solutions engineers have years of expertise to assist in the migration of your workloads from VMware to AHV. We will work with you to build a plan that keeps the business running effectively and efficiently while minimizing disruption to the business. We also have services where we can show you how to perform the migrations on your own so your team can work independently to drive value within your organization. Now is a prime opportunity to set your business up for operational success while reducing costs by coupling your hardware refresh with a more straightforward software platform that provides the enterprise features you are accustomed to, but at a reasonable cost.

How Choice Solutions Can Help?

We anticipate 2024 to be a busy year with a hardware refresh in need, software licensing to be explored, and platform usage to be determined. Choice Solutions wants to partner with your organization to ensure you are successful. We want to ensure that your organization can get the most out of its investment. From ensuring you have purchased the right solution to confirming that it is appropriately, and successfully deployed, Choice Solutions is committed to providing the most value to your organization. Reach out to your sales representative at sales@choicesolutions.com, contact us, or call us at 800-486-1541, and we will get in touch and on the way to a tremendous hybrid cloud solution.

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