Explore Nutanix as a VMware Alternative


In today’s dynamic IT landscape, staying ahead means embracing innovative solutions. With Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware stirring the market, you may wonder what alternative solutions are actually competitive comparisons. Nutanix as an alternative to VMware’s ESX offers a seamless blend of simplicity and power in cloud infrastructure architecture and management. Nutanix can elevate your cloud strategy, whether you’re operating on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. 

For businesses that rely on VMware for their virtualization and infrastructure needs, Nutanix offers an alternative with one platform to run apps and manage data across multiple endpoints. Their cloud platform provides flexibility and choice, without vendor lock-in, and  supports existing VMware environments with unified management.

Nutanix as a VMware Alternative

Why Choose Nutanix as Your VMware Alternative

  • A single, unified HCI architecture for mixed workloads 
  • Best hybrid cloud EUC solution with Citrix 
  • Faster full-stack and consistent security upgrades 
  • Industry leading 7-year average of a 90+ Net Promoter Score  
  • Offers multi-cloud infrastructure as a service with consistent operations 
  • Flexibility in licensing across deployments  
  • Quick migration to the public cloud  

How Choice Solutions Can Help 

Choice Solutions can provide you with a technical roadmap on how to navigate this migration, whether you are already on Nutanix today or looking to move over to Nutanix as an alternative. We can help your business develop a strategy over time to work through this migration and to minimize your exposure to these Broadcom changes through our in-house Nutanix expertise.  

Since 2012, Choice Solutions has leveraged private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions from Nutanix to help business and IT leaders solve myriad IT infrastructure complexities. Nutanix’s HCI platform enables businesses to benefit from the same web-scale cloud architecture approaches that power all the major public cloud providers. At Choice Solutions, Nutanix has become our standard private cloud offering and is a foundational part of our hybrid cloud solutions portfolio. 

Choice Solutions has fulfilled all requirements for Nutanix’s highest level of partnership competency. This means that Choice Solutions possess the highest level of product, administration, and services competencies with Nutanix. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Explore Nutanix as a VMware Alternative – A Choice Solutions Webinar

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