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The healthcare sector often witnesses profound transformations through integrated and comprehensive approaches, especially within pediatric care. This hospital is at the forefront of pioneering efforts to enhance the lives of children. It actively supports a wide spectrum of research—from clinical to applied sciences—to improve treatment for pediatric orthopedic conditions, neurological disorders, and learning challenges.

Since its inception in 1921, the hospital has established a rich legacy in pediatric orthopedics. Its physicians are recognized for their exceptional patient care, groundbreaking research, and dedication to educating the next generation of medical professionals from all corners of the world.

Committed to raising the standard of child health care, this hospital offers specialized treatment for orthopedic, neurodevelopmental, and musculoskeletal issues, alongside targeted support for specific learning disorders. With a strong focus on advancing pediatric care through innovative research and educational initiatives, the hospital seeks to make a lasting impact on children’s health.

VDI - virtual desktop infrastructure

Specific Technology Challenges

As this hospital continued to expand its services and enhance patient care, it faced the pressing need to grow its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. This expansion was underscored by the rollout of their new electronic health record (EHR) system.

The existing VDI system was proving increasingly difficult for the internal teams to manage effectively. The complexity of the existing infrastructure, coupled with the limited scalability and flexibility, frequently led to bottlenecks that affected daily operations and the efficient access to critical healthcare data.

This situation highlighted a critical need – to strengthen their VDI capabilities to ensure robust, efficient access to healthcare records across the organization and freeing up IT resources for internal projects.

Opportunity for Improvement

The improvement of the VDI environment would not only facilitate a smoother integration of the EHR system, but also provide a more robust and scalable IT infrastructure. This would enable the hospital to handle increased data loads and more complex applications, essential for modern healthcare delivery.

Moreover, a well-implemented VDI could enhance operational efficiency, reduce IT complexity, and improve the overall security of patient information. This was a pivotal opportunity for the hospital to leverage technology in a way that directly benefited patient care and operational excellence.

By enhancing their VDI capabilities, the hospital aimed to ensure that the new EHR system could be efficiently and securely accessed by healthcare professionals across various departments, thereby improving data flow and patient management.

Solution for Success

To address these challenges and streamline the integration of its EHR system, the hospital partnered with Choice Solutions, an expert in virtual desktop infrastructure. This strategic partnership was aimed at not only enhancing the hospital’s VDI capabilities, but also ensuring the effective and secure management of their IT environment.

Choice Solutions brought specialized Citrix knowledge that was instrumental in optimizing the VDI environment, which allowed for more efficient and reliable access to critical healthcare applications and data. This strategic partnership not only addressed the immediate technical issues, but also set the stage for ongoing improvements, ensuring that the hospital’s IT infrastructure could adapt to future needs while maintaining high standards of patient care and data security.

Additionally, this partnership freed up the hospital’s internal teams, allowing them to devote more time and resources to internal initiatives and projects. This reallocation of efforts could not only boost productivity, but also foster innovation within the hospital, further enhancing their service delivery and operational capabilities.

Why Choose Choice Solutions

Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure represents a key strategic initiative for progressive organizations looking to enhance their technological frameworks. At Choice Solutions, we are committed to not just guiding you through this process, but also tailoring our approach to meet your unique requirements. Our deep expertise in VDI ensures a seamless transition, positioning your organization for improved efficiency and technological effectiveness.

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