Scaling Up: How IT Consulting Fuels Energy Industry Expansion

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As a dynamic energy company with a longstanding family of brands, this company is dedicated to reshaping the energy sector by integrating traditional and innovative renewable resources. Their extensive operations include refining, midstream processes, and supplying essential fuels and lubricants for planes, trains, and automobiles. Additionally, they produce critical materials for construction and specialized components used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

This company stands firmly on their core values, which are foundational to every aspect of its operations. These values not only ensure a safe and ethical work environment, but also enhance engagement and empower their workforce. Employees are encouraged to actively embrace their roles and drive the company’s progress. Through this commitment to core values, the company excels in energy innovation and in fostering a sustainable, inclusive workplace.

They are dedicated to environmental conservation work to safeguard natural resources for the public good and collaborate with other nonprofits to support initiatives like tree planting and wetland preservation, enhancing ecological health and sustainability.

IT Consulting

Specific Technology Challenges

As the company expanded through multiple acquisitions, it faced the significant challenge of onboarding employees from each acquired entity and merging them into a unified end-user computing experience. The primary obstacle was integrating these diverse groups into the company’s existing IT infrastructure without disrupting their current workflows.

Each acquisition brought its own set of systems and processes, complicating the task of creating a seamless, cohesive operational environment. This integration required not only technical alignment of different computing systems, but also careful management to ensure that all users could continue their work without interruption during the transition. The need for a robust solution that could handle the complexity of this integration while maintaining high levels of user satisfaction and productivity was critical.

Opportunity for Improvement

The company recognized a crucial opportunity for improvement in its IT infrastructure to support its growing operations. To effectively manage the integration of employees from multiple acquisitions and ensure a consistent computing experience across the board, they identified the need to expand their Citrix environment and deploy Nutanix to run their new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This expansion would be essential not only for enhancing scalability, but also for providing a robust, manageable platform capable of supporting an increased number of users without compromising on performance or security.

By upgrading to a more scalable VDI solution, the company could ensure that their IT infrastructure would seamlessly adapt to rapid company-wide changes and growing demands. This strategic enhancement would allow for easier management of resources, better security protocols, and improved efficiency across all user interactions within the newly integrated network. This was an opportunity to build a more resilient and flexible IT ecosystem that could support the company’s ambitious growth and the diverse needs of its expanding workforce.

Solution for Success

To address their IT challenges and capitalize on the opportunity for a streamlined process, the company partnered with Choice Solutions. This strategic partnership was formed to leverage Choice Solutions’ expertise in IT consulting, engineering, and rollout support. This collaboration was crucial in successfully expanding their Citrix environment and deploying Nutanix for their new VDI system.

Choice Solutions played a pivotal role in the initial setup and integration, and also continues to provide ongoing support. This includes regular patching and upgrades to ensure the IT infrastructure remains current and secure.

This partnership with Choice Solutions has enabled the company to create a robust and scalable IT environment that is well-equipped to handle the complexities of a rapidly expanding workforce and the integration challenges posed by multiple acquisitions. The support from Choice Solutions ensures that the company can maintain a high level of IT service continuity, optimize operational efficiency, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

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Adopting advanced IT solutions is a strategic decision for organizations looking to enhance their technological infrastructure. Choice Solutions can help with IT consulting, engineering, and support for VDI rollouts, customizing our services to meet your specific needs. Our extensive expertise ensures a smooth transition and integration process, as well as ongoing support, enabling your organization to achieve superior operational efficiency and technological advancement.

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