Liam Catherall

Liam Catherall

Director of Managed Services

With 25+ years of experience in very diverse industries, Liam’s true passion lies in inspiring technology teams in ever-changing, rapidly growing environments using a measured approach.

Liam started at Choice Solutions in September of 2019. Prior to joining Choice, Liam spent three years as the Vice President of Managed Services Operations at DataBank LLC., where he was responsible for providing visionary leadership for a $20 million-dollar cloud-based service. Preceding his time at Databank, Liam spent 19 years as the CTO of NPG Company and was both a customer and partner of Choice.

Among the list of professional accomplishments, Liam holds most dearly, his ability to build, lead and maintain strong technical teams.

Outside the office, Liam is married and has 5 children. He is very active in the soccer community. Additional hobbies include coaching and playing soccer, watching the kids activities and dabbles in photography.