Where the Cloud Comes into the IT and HR Relationship

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HR’s integration of technology continues to be a major challenge, but there are bright spots to be found. For one, real progress has been made over the last few years in moving to cloud-based systems that take advantage of the explosion of new HR tech tools. HR and IT are working together to foster genuine, human connections that build a culture of engagement and collaboration that centers around the employee from hire to retire.

Though it’s unlikely the cloud is the sole cure for every HR challenge, when it comes to bridging the workplace communications gap and creating a better employee experience, it offers plenty to justify taking it on.

Whether it’s adopting subscription-based cloud systems that cut back the need for IT to maintain HR software, or AI-based tools that coach and mentor employees, technology is truly reinventing HR’s relationship with both IT and the workforce.Aside from offering fast and efficient storage and retrieval, which is crucial when sourcing talent, cloud-based HR solutions are transforming organizations.

Simplified Recruitment Process

Doing away with the old tedious method of advertising for a position, shortlisting candidates, and conducting phone and physical interviews has been one of the earliest and most enthusiastically embraced shifts. Cloud computing has streamlined the process and now a single app can make it easier for senior management and others to view information on a candidate and provide feedback, all with one or two clicks.

Increased Efficiency

As cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) become more collaborative, they’ll also become important elements of forward-facing workplaces. The connectivity options of Internet cloud services are continually increasing, and while greater connectivity of devices in and of itself does not provide benefits to people, when the devices are connected to data networks, it’s easy to see how they represent an important step in success.

A Better Employee Experience

Boosting employee well-being and satisfaction starts with good communication. Cloud based technology fills the communication gap that often exists between leadership and staff. It also makes for more efficient and comprehensive performance reviews and can help eliminate the heavy workload created by paperwork and other repetitive tasks. Finally, the information an employee needs can be easily accessed from the cloud no matter where a person is located, a boon for remote and flex workers.

Information Safety

HR software now allows employees to access critical information about their pay, benefits, taxes, pension plan, and more. Cloud computing is developed with the security of information at its core and works to keep that sensitive data safe.

For businesses looking to increase productivity, improve worker engagement, and save time and money, an investment in cloud-based HR solutions is an excellent place to start. Whether it’s due to tradition, inertia, or fear of change, companies that delay moving to cloud-based technologies are at risk of getting left behind. While these are all valid concerns, they should not overrule adopting the innovative and fresh ideas that come with technology.

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